Improving Island life for children with disabilities


Disability Needs Survey - Stage One Disability Needs Survey - Stage Two Disability and Inclusion Strategy Accessible Taxi Information Leaflet

In this section we aim to share with you the work that is taking place in Guernsey to improve the lives of people with disabilities, and to improve carer experiences.

In 2011 the States appointed a Disability Officer who commissioned two Disability Needs Surveys.
These surveys explored the needs of disabled islanders, and the family members and friends who care for a person with a disability.

The first survey looked at the number of people living with long-term health conditions or disabilities, as well as the number of carers (see download on this page).

The second survey looked at the experiences of disabled people and people who care for someone with a disability (see download on this page).

The surveys provided information which informed the Disability and Inclusion Strategy.

The Disability and Inclusion Strategy was agreed by the States of Deliberation in November 2013 (see download on this page).