Support into work

If you are looking for work there are a number of agencies that can help you.

  • Careers Guernsey

    • if you need up to date information and advice on employment, education and training opportunities that are available to everyone contact Careers Guernsey.
    • They also provide career guidance which enables people of all ages to find out more about themselves, what their their motivation is and to help to plan their career. For more information visit the careers website.
  • Job Centre

    • If you are looking for work the Job Centre is a good place to start
    • The team can also guide you to benefits that you may be entitled to.
    • If you are not sure what support is available or what type of job you are looking for, then talk to the team at the Job Centre. They have lots of experience in supporting individuals. Call on the job centre on (01481)222516
  • Work Placement Schemes

    • The Job Centre also has two work placement schemes which they may discuss with you. 
      • Kick Start programme is where you are placed with an employer for up to 13 weeks. During the placement itself, you would be employed through Social Security and receive a weekly wage. There are a large range of these types of placements with lots of different employers. 
      • The Work 2 Benefits scheme where you would undertake a work placement to learn new skills to make you more likely to be able to get a job. you would carry on receiving your normal benefits during this placement. Placements are currenlty possible with States Works, Giving Opportunities and the GSPCA.
  • Work Rehabilitation Team

    • The Work Rehabilitation Team can provide help, support and guidance to people who have been out of employment for some time, whether through illness, redundancy or personal circumstances.Call the job centre on (01481)222516

There are other organisations which also offer support to get into work:


  • GROW

    • Grow Limited provides training and sheltered work for people with a learning disability in horticulture and related craft industries.
    • Applications are invited from those people with a learning disability who have an enthusiasm, aptitude and an interest in a career in horticulture.
    • An assessment is then carried out by a panel connected with horticulture and disabled people.
    • The final selection is made by the directors of the company based on the recommendations of the panel.
    • Training is carried out for a period deemed appropriate, subject to the completion of a three-month probationary period.
  • GO

    • GO is a charity who train some of Guernsey's young people for work. Their aim is to build confidence and increase social skills. They also teach teamwork, and the importance of it. Training is also given in certian skills such as manual handling and electrical testing.
    • You can get a referral through Autism Guernsey, Action for Children (tel. 700218 or email, or the Guernsey Employment Trust.
  • Guernsey Employment Trust

    • Guernsey Employment Trust (GET) support disabled and disadvantaged people to prepare for, find and maintain work in Guernsey.
    • They can help in different ways depending on your employment needs:
  • The Ron Short Centre

    • The Ron Short Centre support people with physical and/or sensory impairments. They provide assisted employment and work rehabilitation.

Other information


  • Employment rights

    • If you are looking for information and advice on employment rights and best practice in the workplace, please follow the link  follow this link.or call(01481)220026 the Employment relations service on 
  • The States guaranteed interview scheme.

    • The States will guarantee an interview for an applicant with a disability if they meet the key criteria of the role. Follow the link for more details. Guaranteed interview scheme