Specialist Care

The first indication that you may need hospital care will come from your Doctor (G.P.)

The first indication that you may need hospital treatment will come from your GP who will refer you to a consultant of the Medical Specialist Group (MSG). To view the MSG website please follow this link. Between them, the consultants provide most of the medical services, including surgery, undertaken at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. Your Consultant will decide whether or not hospital treatment is necessary and, if so, what form it should take.

Everyone who normally lives in Guernsey, Alderney, Herm or Jethou and has been registered for the payment of contributions at the Social Security Department is covered by the 'Specialist Health Insurance Scheme' and so may receive specialist care and treatment free of charge. Sark residents are not covered by the scheme.

The scheme covers specialist consultants, treatment, operations and procedures at the MSG premises and the hospitals, and also physiotherapy treatment in hospital if it is necessary as part of specialist medical procedures. It does not cover cosmetic surgery, assisted reproduction (IVF) or sterilisation (unless clinically need), dentistry or GP consultations, or treatment at the Emergency Department or Primary Care Centre.

Patients with private medical cover for specialist treatment may choose to consult the MSG, either privately or under the States scheme. It must be established, before treatment starts, exactly how the treatment is funded.

If you have private health insurance or request to pay directly for private patient care you will be nursed in the Victoria Wing at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.