Disability and Inclusion Strategy Projects and Highlight Reports

You can view the various projects from the Disability and Inclusion Strategy and Highlight Reports here.

  • Disability and Inclusion Strategy Projects

    • 1. Extending the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities to Guernsey to confirm the island's commitment to respect the rights of its disabled citizens.
    • 2. Introducing legislation to protect disabled islanders and carers from discrimination.
    • 3. Creating an Equality and Rights Organisation to promote the rights of disabled people and carers and other groups at risk of discrimination.
    • 4. Improving the information available to disabled people and carers about support and services.
    • 5. Commissioning an audit of the States' employment practices, buildings and services to ensure they meet the new legislation, new policies and plans.
    • 6. Creating an Employment Trust to help disabled people to gain and maintain employment, and providing information for businesses in preparation for the legislation
    • 7. Developing frameworks for Autism, Learning Disability and Dementia that set out how people with these specific conditions are diagnosed and supported.
    • 8. Introducing a Capacity Law to empower and protect people who may not be able to make decisions for themselves.
    • 9. Developing safeguarding policies to protect vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect.
  • Who is working on the Disability and Inclusion Strategy?

    • There are a number of people in the States of Guernsey and key stakeholders working on a variety of projects which are part of the Disability and Inclusion Strategy.
    • The Committee responsible for the Strategy from May 2016 is the Committee for Employment & Social Security.
    • A Project Board was established in September 2016 to oversee all of the work within the Strategy.
    • The Project Board is committed to ensuring that islanders have the right information at the right time. Following each Project Board, which meets approximately every six weeks, Highlight Reports will be published on this page
  • Highlight Reports