Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

The Bailiwick of Guernsey 'Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy' was approved by the States of Deliberation on 27 February 2013. It is a cross-departmental strategy providing a framework within which all areas of the island community can begin to work together towards better mental wellbeing.

The Strategy is aimed at everyone, from the Mental Health Services to the Criminal Justice System and through to employers, service users and carers. It has to embrace the needs of everyone and will be delivered very much in partnership with a number of departments, charities, health professionals and individuals.The Strategy is divided into six themes: Starting, Growing and Developing Well; Living Well; Working Well; Ageing Well; Tackling Stigma and Discrimination; and Caring for the Carers. It also explores the challenges of promoting good mental health across the whole population; supporting people to manage their mental health better; and acting to meet people's needs with appropriate, flexible services geared towards individual needs and focused on personal recovery.

Significant work has taken place during the strategy's first 2 years, but with no formal implementation framework to bring it all together, there is no way to evaluate how successful it has been. In July 2015 Guernsey Mind was commissioned to prepare an implementation plan for the Strategy with leadership from the States and funded by the Guernsey Community Foundation. Over the next 18 months Guernsey Mind will work to condense the original report and put it into a concise working document that everyone will be able to understand, identify some key strategic objectives for the strategy, identify what this means for the local community, and prepare a detailed action plan for 2016-2020. The project will involve in-depth research programmes including an island wide mental health survey, an analysis of gaps in service provision, the formation of an Expert By Experience Group and detailed interviews with mental health service users about what they want and need. There will also be a celebration of the range of services that are already being provided with the publication of a 'Mentally Healthy Guernsey' Report, and a public campaign to increase awareness about what is available.