Supported Living and Ageing Well Strategy (SLAWS)

The Supported Living and Ageing Well Strategy (SLAWS) was agreed by the States in February 2016. The Strategy is intended to works towards Guernsey and Alderney having an adaptable and continuously improving care and support system that is fair, person-centred, enabling and sustainable.

The Strategy is for all adults in Guernsey and Alderney, not only those who have current ongoing care and support needs but everyone who may need this support in future. The Strategy covers many kinds of support which includes - but is not limited to - people with physical impairments, people with dementia, people with autism and communication difficulties, people with learning disabilities, people with mental health conditions, and people with conditions associated with ageing

The agreement of the report in February marked the beginning of ongoing changes in care and support to ensure:

The Strategy also sets out ways by which the funding of services can be made more sustainable.

Work towards implementation is already being progressed, but the next stage will be for the new States, after the election in April, to familiarise themselves with the Strategy and confirm how work will be taken forward to bring about change. The outcome of this consideration will be reported to the States as part of the Policy and Resource Plan in June 2017.

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