Children and Young People's Plan

Here you will find information about the Children and Young People's Plan.

The Children and Young People's Plan for 2016-2022 was debated and approved by the States in February 2016.

The Plan contains six Key Commitments supporting four Priority Outcomes for children and young people, to ensure that they are included and respected; achieve individual and economic potential; are healthy and active; and are safe and nurtured.

The vision is that implementing the Plan will create an integrated system providing the right help at the right time with the right outcomes for all children and young people.

Within the Plan there are four specific action areas targeted at improving inclusion and participation of children and young people with disabilities; and one for providing support to carers.

Children with additional support needs will also be able to access a 'one-stop shop' for referrals and coordinated planning to meet their support needs through the Multi-Agency Support Hub.

The creation of the lead professional and 'team around the child' approach means that all children with disabilities and enduring support needs will also have a multi-disciplinary plan that is adapted as they grow older to reflect their changing needs, and to manage key points of transition in their lives.

Full details of the Children and Young People's Plan can be found by following this link.

Parent and carers of children with disabilities have been involved with the development of the CYPP. If you want to be involved or to understand more please contact Wigwam's chair, Debbie Aldous, on,gg. Alternatively you can call Wigwam on (01481) 521678 or 07839 121678.