Community Disability Team

The team supports individuals with a physically and/or sensory impairment following an assessment of need. To find out more about the team please read on.

The Community Disability Team

The team works in partnership within the Bailiwick, to enable a good quality of life for all people with a physical and and/or sensory impairment.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    • Any one aged between 18 - 65 years who has a physical disability and/or sensory impairment
    • and is in need of help and support with issues which affect their life
  • Tell me about the team

    • The team comprises of a Social Worker, Disability Lead Nurse, Parkinsons Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Nurse Specialist, Occupational Therapist and Community Support workers
    • The team will provide advice and support offering a co-ordinated approach between service users, carers and services
  • How can I make a referral

    • Referrals can be made direct to the team or to an individual professionals in the team by contacting them on 01481230000
    • This can be a self-referral or via a carer or another healthcare professional