Who are the Community Nursing Team?

The Community Nursing Team is made up of Community Specialist Nurses, Staff Nurses and Nursing Assistants/Support Workers. The team delivers individualised assessment and nursing care to service users, and support to carers, in the home environment. The Community Nursing Team operates a 7 day a week, 24 hours a day service. Telephone contact can be made with a community nurse via the hospital switchboard 01481 725241.

  • Eligibility criteria

    • The service user is unable or has difficulty, due to ill health, disability, fragility, to attend a surgery or clinic
    • The service user has a health problem, which requires skilled nursing intervention to ensure effective care in the home
    • The service user is in the palliative phase of their illness and requires nursing care/advice/support to enable them to remain at home for as long as they, their family or carer so wish, or condition allows
    • The service user is already receiving care from other services, which requires community nursing input and a collaborative/shared care basis
    • Skilled nursing assistance is needed to support service users/carers using technical equipment to manage their health condition at home
    • The service user has continuing health care needs requiring frequent or regular nursing input
  • Tell me about Social Workers

    • Anyone can ask for help from Social Services at any time in their lives, although it may be necessary for people with mental ill health/physical, sensory or learning disability to be referred onto a specialist team. The Social Workers also provide support to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital and respite co-ordination for service users.
    • Eligibility Criteria
      • Although professionals would like to respond to everyone who asks for guidance, there are guidelines about how quickly people can be seen and the types of support which may be available. These guidelines are not discriminatory and apply to everyone, based on people's needs.
      • Referrals will be accepted for/from any adult who requires advice, information or an assessment of a social need. This may be for reasons of illness, frailty, vulnerability, social isolation, access to residential care or financial concerns.