Extra Care Housing

Below you will find information about the accommodation and support available for you to live a more independent life.

  • There are three Extra Care Housing schemes managed by HSC: La Nouvelle Maraitaine, Vale; Le Grand Courtil, St Martin and Rosaire Court and Gardens, St Peter Port.

    • The Schemes have communal facilities which include restaurants, lounges, hairdressers, therapy rooms, assisted bathing, lifts to all floors, and a staff call system. This allows tenants to socialise with friends and family, either in their flats or in the shared spaces. Extra Care Housing is about creating a community within a community.
    • The lounges offer a wide variety of events and activities throughout the week with the majority being open to the wider community of Guernsey.
    • Extra Care Housing is designed to help people live as independently as possible, with the confidence to live in a safe environment with a flexible, individually tailored package of care provided by an onsite trained staff team.
  • La Nouvelle Maraitaine and Le Grand Courtil

    • Have a balance of one and two bed apartments, available to rent with some apartment available under a Partial Ownership Scheme
  • Rosaire Court and Gardens

    • Have similar availability to the other 2 schemes, however instead of partial ownership some flats are available under free / lease hold
  • Eligibility Criteria

    • To be eligible for Extra Care Housing you must be at least 18 (over 55 for Rosaire Court). In addition, you must:
      • be residentially qualified to live in Guernsey
      • need an average of at least four hours care and support per week
      • be living in accommodation which is deemed unsuitable in light of your care and support requirements
  • Extra Care Housing has a number of benefits for people with learning disabilities, encouraging independence, more control and satisfaction with their home, and includes a supportive community in which to live. Apartments are designed to be accessible allowing access to all communal areas.

  • Extra Care Housing can also provide a good solution where an older carer is finding it difficult to continue to provide care, but where the carer and the learning disabled adult don't want to live apart. This is achieved through join working and care provision.
    For more information please visit: https://www.gov.gg/extracare