Disability and Inclusion Strategy Projects and Highlight Reports

You can view the various projects from the Disability and Inclusion Strategy and the Highlight Reports here.

  • Disability and Inclusion Strategy Projects

    • 1. Extending the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities to Guernsey to confirm the island's commitment to respect the rights of its disabled citizens.
    • 2. Introducing legislation to protect disabled islanders and carers from discrimination.
    • 3. Creating an Equality and Rights Organisation to promote the rights of disabled people and carers and other groups at risk of discrimination.
    • 4. Improving the information available to disabled people and carers about support and services.
    • 5. Commissioning an audit of the States' employment practices, buildings and services to ensure they meet the new legislation, new policies and plans.
    • 6. Creating an Employment Trust to help disabled people to gain and maintain employment and providing information for businesses in preparation for the legislation
    • 7. Developing frameworks for Autism, Learning Disability and Dementia that set out how people with these specific conditions are diagnosed and supported.
    • 8. Introducing a Capacity Law to empower and protect people who may not be able to make decisions for themselves.
    • 9. Developing safeguarding policies to protect vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect.