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How You Can Help Me With My Journey APPLICATION FOR A BLUE BADGE Edit & Save Transport for Disabled People leaflet 2016 Guide to accessible taxis

The information below should guide you through the different transport options if you, or someone you are travelling with, has a disability or additional needs.

  • Accessible taxis

    • Accessible taxi drivers have undertaken additional training and their vehicles have wide, shallow ramps and a winch system to help a passenger who uses a wheelchair to enter and exit the vehicle safely. The vehicles have good internal lighting to assist people who may have a visual impairment.
    • There are currently four licensed accessible taxi operators in Guernsey. Their contact details are listed below:
    • For more information about accessible taxis, please download the leaflet on this page.
  • Travelling by bus

    • The bus service in Guernsey is operated by CT Plus on behalf of the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure.
    • All buses have a wheelchair ramp and a dedicated wheelchair space.
    • The buses have kneeling suspension so the driver can lower the bus to the kerb to make entering and exiting the bus much easier.
    • For more information about the bus service in Guernsey, please follow this link.
  • Disabled Parking Permits

    • The Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure operates a Disabled Badge Scheme which permits the driver of a vehicle carrying a disabled person to park for up to two hours in half-hour or one-hour disc parking spaces, and to use special spaces allocated for disabled parking for unlimited periods.
    • Badge holders must obey all other parking regulations and may not park on yellow lines.
    • If you wish to apply for a Disabled Badge, please contact the Traffic and Highway Services' Bulwer Avenue offices for an application form.
    • If you need to renew your Disabled Badge, please download the application form on this page.
    • For more information about parking, please follow this link.
    • The table below details the location of disabled parking bays:
    • Parking spaces
      Parking spaces with no time limits for badge holdersParking spaces with time restrictions for badge holders
      North Beach (by toilets)South Esplanade (by toilets) 10am-5pm and 7pm-7am Mon to Sat & all day Sunday
      Lower PolletChurch Square - (north-west side) 10am-5pm & 7pm-7am Mon to Sat & all day Sunday
      North Plantation (by Information Centre)Church Square - (east side) 2-hour limit
      Ann's PlacePetit Carrefour - 2-hour limit
      St James StreetMarket Street (8am-10am)
      Cambridge Park RoadHirzel Street (by War Memorial) - 2-hour limit
      North Quay (St Sampson's)Weighbridge taxi rank (9am-5pm Mon to Sat)
      Rue du PorteletTrinity Square - 2-hour limit
      Most States Housing estates 
      Bridge (St Sampson's) 
      South Quay (St Sampson's) 


  • Travelling by sea

    • The passenger terminal building at St Peter Port Harbour is level throughout and there is a ramp at the side entrance to allow for wheelchair access. The doors to the building are wide and are operated automatically.
    • You should notify your child's needs for assistance to the relevant Ferry Operator who will provide the services as appropriate.
    • Guernsey's main passenger services are provided by Condor Ferries, who operate between the Channel Islands, St Malo and the UK. Follow this link for accessibility information at the ferry passenger terminal. For more information about disabled facilities and access when travelling with Condor Ferries, please follow this link.
    • Travel Trident provides the passenger ferry service to Herm and Isle of Sark Shipping Company provides the passenger ferry service to Sark. Please contact the respective service operators if your child needs special assistance, but accessibility information on Travel Trident is available if you follow this link.
    • If you are travelling to Herm or Sark, service operators are able to use a ramp at the inter-island quay by prior arrangement. It should be noted that Sark only allow the use of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs if licensed by the Sark Road Traffic Committee.
    • Cruise liners have reasonable access to and from their tenders via a ramp.
    • Most of the yacht marinas have wheelchair accessible ramps from pontoon to jetty levels.
  • Travelling by air

    • Special assistance requirements need to be pre-booked through your airline and/or tour operator prior to your arrival at the terminal.
    • The terminal building is wheelchair accessible and there are lifts to all floors. Follow this link for accessibility information. There are disabled toilets with help buttons. The airport is fitted with an induction loop. There are mother and baby changing rooms in arrivals and departures and a parent and baby changing room upstairs near the landside cafe.
    • There are reserved spaces for Disabled Badge holders in the main car park and help buttons on the entry barriers. Although cars may not be left unattended in front of the terminal building, passengers with reduced mobility or requiring special assistance may be dropped off at the departure entrance to the main concourse where additional assistance will be provided by airport staff.
    • The Security Search Area is located on the ground floor close to the lifts and the Special Assistance seating area. Airline handling staff will assist as required from this point to onboard the aircraft.
    • Assistance will also be available on arrival from the aircraft through arrivals to the main concourse.
    • For more information about special assistance at Guernsey Airport, please follow this link.
  • Accessible Toilets

    • Each public disabled toilet should have a RADAR sign on the door. This sign will tell you where the nearest RADAR key is available, either at a nearby public building or kiosk.
    • You can pick up a RADAR key from the following locations:
      • Airport. Follow this link for accessibility information.
      • Guernsey Information Centre in St Peter Port. Follow this link for accessibility information.
      • States Property Services at Sir Charles Frossard House. Follow this link for accessibility information.
      • Health Connections next to the Ron Short Centre, Beau Sejour. Follow this link for information about accessibility to the centre.
  • What is AccessAble?

    • AccessAble publish detailed access information for places of interest across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
    • They also have an access guide for Guernsey which provides a great resource covering local venues for many aspects of Island life, as well as helpful information on local businesses.
    • To find out more information about accessible venues in Guernsey, please follow this link.
  • Travelling off-island for hospital appointments