Tell me about hospital services

Here you will find information about all of the different hospital services available to your child in Guernsey


  • Maternity Services

    • You will be taken through your pregnancy to the birth of your child by Maternity Services.
  • Children's Ward

    • If your child becomes unwell he/she may be admitted to the children's ward, which is called Frossard Ward. If your stay on the ward is planned you can go with your child to the Pre-Admissions Club, where you can speak to the nurses and ask any questions you may have. If you want to know more about the Pre-Admissions Club, please tel. 707355.
  • Off-island treatment

    • It is not always possible to treat all children's conditions on the island, as the treatment required may be of a very specialised nature that cannot be provided through the normal channels. Your child will be referred to the hospital in the UK that specialises in and has the appropriate equipment to treat your child's condition. All UK referrals are made in the best interest of your child.
    • Health Information Guernsey will be able to answer any questions you might have if your child has to travel away for their treatment. Their website provides information about your stay in a UK hospital, including advice on what to take with you if your child is 7 and under8-11 years old or over 12.
    • Users of large wheelchairs can access Health Information Guernsey's  Beau Sejour premises through the Ron Short Centre conservatory. Follow this link for accessibility information to the centre. Health Information's PEH premises are near Le Vauquiedor Entrance. Follow this link for accessibility information.
  • Children's Community Nurse

    • Some children require extra support when they leave hospital and the  is available to provide this support. The nurses will always explain their role so that both parent and child understand why the nurse is visiting and how they can be involved.
  • Children's Dental Service

    • The Children's Dental Service provides a dedicated dental service for pre-school and school age children with particular needs based at Princess Elizabeth Hospital. For further details please follow this link.
  • Emergency Department

    • The Emergency Department (ED) - also known as accident and emergency or casualty offers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year emergency care for patients. In Guernsey, it is located at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. For more information about the service and emergency department charges please follow this link.