Treatments and care off-island

It is not always possible for your child to receive treatment on Guernsey, so it may be necessary for them to travel to the UK or Jersey for treatment. The following information should guide you through off-island treatment and care.

Below you will find a summary of the key information that you will need if your child has to go off-island for care or treatment. You can find more information here.

  • How is it assessed?

    • If your child requires treatment off-island you will be referred by your Medical Specialist Group (MSG) Consultant and a referral letter is sent to the Off-Island Team.
    • When the referral has been authorised it is sent to the relevant UK hospital, which will then make an appointment for your child.
    • The hospital will send you an appointment letter. Please be aware that this may take several weeks.
    • When you receive your appointment letter, you must phone the MSG Consultant's secretary to tell them the details of your appointment.
    • The information will be used to complete a Travel Allowance Grant (TAG) form.
  • Is there any financial support?

    • Your MSG Consultant will complete a Travel Allowance Grant (TAG) form which is sent to both Social Security and Hospital Services. For further information about Travelling Allowance Grant, .
    • Once this has been authorised, a letter of confirmation will be sent to you.
    • When you receive your confirmation letter from Social Security you should contact Travel Solutions, tel. 737898, or email, to book travel and accommodation.
  • Health Connections

    • The Health Travel Information is provided by Health Connections. Their website should contain all of the information and contact details that you need if your child is referred off-island for care or treatment.
    • Health Connections operates from premises both at the Le Vauquiedor Entrance of the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Follow this link for accessibility information. Also next to the Ron Short Centre at Beau Sejour, Follow this link for accessibility information about the centre. Users of large wheelchairs can access through the Ron Short Centre conservatory.
  • How do I keep in touch with my child and family once off-island?

    • If your child is under 6 years of age and going to the UK for medical treatment then all travel expenses will be met by Social Security for both parents to accompany their child.
    • If your child is between 6 and 18 years of age Social Security will usually pay for one parent to travel with the child. However, in some circumstances a second parent's travel may be funded. This would be at the request of the doctor treating your child, and they would have to provide a medical reason for the second parent to travel. Funding for the second parent's travel would also be subject to a Means Test.
    • Most hospitals are able to accommodate at least one parent on the hospital site. In certain circumstances Social Security or Hospital Services may assist with the cost of accommodation. A Means Test will have to be taken in order for Social Security to consider your request.
  • Who would be the key worker I can talk to?

    • Your Guernsey Consultant will have the name of the UK Specialist they will be referring your child to.
    • At the consultation in the UK your child might not be seen by the actual named Specialist but may be seen by one of their medical team. Make sure you find out the name of who you are seeing and their position in the team.
    • If your child is referred for treatment, find out the name of the Specialist giving the treatment or operating on your child.
    • At any stage, ask as many questions as you feel necessary, including questions about the medical or operating experience of any Specialists giving treatment to or operating on your child.