Transport and travel

Information about driving and different accessible travel options in Guernsey, including information about buses, taxis, parking and mobility scooters.

  • Driving in Guernsey

    • Driving in Guernsey is different.  The roads are narrow and there are special rules and there may be some road signs and road markings that may not be familiar to you. Further information on driving in Guernsey can be found on this webpage.Driving in Guernsey
    • If you have a disability or illness that may affect your ability to drive safely you must inform the Driver and Vehicle Licence department.
    • Driving with dementia. You may still be able to drive safely for some time after you have been diagnosed. However, there will come a time when you will need to stop driving. The Guernsey Alzheimer's Association have produced an information leaflet about pdf icon driving and dementia [490kb]. Or it can be downloaded from this page.
    • A formal driving assessment can be organisedusually following illness or ill health. The assessment is undertaken by a locally based occupational therapist and a driving instructor. The cost for an assessment is £490.00. Contact the Driver and Vehicle Licencing department for more information. Tel on 01481 221000.
    • A Blue Badge Parking Permit Scheme is available for people who are severely mobility impaired, are registered blind or claim severe disability allowance.
    • If you wish to apply for a Blue Badge follow this link to the webpage where you will find further information and will be able to download the application form and doctors form. You can also contact Driver & Vehicle Licensing, Edward T Wheadon House on 221000.
  • Travel by taxi

    • Accessible taxis are vehicles that have been specially adapted to carry a wheelchair and the cabs have good internal lighting to assist people who may have a visual impairment. All of the vehicles have wide, shallow ramps and the driver will use a winch system to help a passenger who uses a wheelchair to enter and exit the vehicle safely. Once inside the vehicle, the wheelchair will be safely secured to the vehicle floor and the passenger seated in the wheelchair will be provided with a seatbelt. A list of taxis is available under the accessible taxi section on this webpage. 
  • Travel by bus

    • The bus service is operated by CT Plus. All buses have a wheelchair ramp, a dedicated wheelchair space and kneeling suspension. For more information about the bus service and any diversions in place, please follow this link.
  • Air travel

    • It is important that you pre book any special assistance requirements through your airline and/or tour operator prior to your arrival at the terminal.
    • The airport terminal building is wheelchair accessible and there are lifts to all floors. Follow this link for accessibility information.
  • Sea travel

    • To and from GuernseyCondor Ferries, provide Guernsey's main passenger services. They operate between the Channel Islands, St Malo and the UK. For more information about disabled facilities and access when travelling with Condor Ferries, please follow this link.
    • The harbour terminal: The passenger terminal building at St Peter Port Harbour is level throughout and there is a ramp at the side entrance to allow for wheelchair access. Follow this link for more accessibility information.
    • Herm: The travel trident provide a passenger ferry service to Herm. here you will find  information about getting to Herm. For access information about the ferry see Travel Trident.
    • Sark: The Isle of Sark Shipping Company provides the passenger ferry service to Sark.

More information can be found here including information about buses, taxis, parking and mobility scooters. Travel in Guernsey.