Moving from child to adult services


moving from child to adult services

Because services try to work around the needs of the child and their family, young people can move from children's to adults' services at different ages.

Transition through Education

  • Transition 14-19 years

    • 'Transition' means change and refers to the time when a young person is moving on from full-time education at school.
    • All young people receive support to help them plan their choices and decisions. Young People with a Determination of Special Educational Needs (SEN) will require extra help with this planning which is co-ordinated by the 'Transitions Team' in liaison with the school. Your child will have a 'person centred plan' which aims to empower people with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible, as well as achieving equality in many areas of their life.
    • The important transition points for young people include:
    • Age 13/14 (School Year 9) - deciding what to study in Years 10 and 11.
    • You will receive a copy of the adult learning disability transition process and will continue to liaise with colleagues in children's services so that we have a record of potential up and coming referrals. We will also sign post you to some websites/ organisations that you may find helpful during the transition period.
    • Age 15/16 (School Year 11) - deciding what to do after Year 11.
    • A member of the transition team will attend school and other relevant reviews to help us explore future options post 18 and if appropriate, we will sign post you to the things you have identified.
    • Age 16+ (School Year 12 and above) - deciding what to do after leaving full-time education.
    • A member of the transition team will continue to attend school and other relevant reviews to help us explore future options post 18 and we will also start our assessment.
    • For more information about transition planning and what is included in the Transition Plan, please follow this link.
  • Guernsey map to adulthood

    • A range of information leaflets is available about the help and support which is available to young people with special educational needs.
    • These have been produced by students, parents and professionals as part of a project called Guernsey Map to Adulthood.
    • Follow the link for leaflets about about Le Murier School, the Guernsey College of Further Education and the Access Course and  the Guernsey Employment Trust. Follow the link
    • The States of Guernsey have an Education Services representative who helps with students' inclusion through liaising with schools, colleges and other support agencies.
    • Voluntary organisations offer some employment opportunities for young people with disabilities: Grow Ltd, GO, Action for Children Tel.700218 or email and Autism Guernsey can all provide safe and secure working environments for disabled people with a range of care and support needs.
    • The Day Service can be accessed by young people who are 18+ with learning difficulties. Follow the link.

Moving to the Adult Disability Services

  • The Adult Learning Disability Service

    • Eligibility
      • To be considered for services and or support from adult learning disability team, your child must be 18 years of age and have been assessed as having a learning disability. Once your son / daughter has been assessed as having a learning disability, a member of the learning disability team will complete the adult core assessment, this is used to identify your child's needs.
    • Transition Coordinator
      • The Adult Disability Team has a dedicated transition co-ordinator that will work with the children all through the transition time. For more information please call the Adult Disability Service on (01481) 222000
    • Support planning
      • The support plan is developed based on the needs identified in the core assessment. (a support plan is not the same as a care plan). Each young persons support plan will be different depending upon their assessed needs. A care plan is developed by the people who actually support your son/daughter to actively engage in their daily activities in a way that works for them.
    • What you can expect from the service
      • From initial we will aim to contact you/your representative within two weeks. In urgent situations, we will aim to make contact within 1 day. If we need to visit you to begin our assessment, we aim to do so within six weeks from initial contact.
      • To find out more about Adult Disability Services follow this link.
    • Day Services for adults with a learning disability
      • St Martin's Day Service offers support for adults with a learning disability. For further information Day Centre, or phone (01481) 220027
  • The Adult Disability Services

    • Eligibility
      • The service is available to adults over the age of 18 who have sensory or physical impairment but do not have a Learning Disability
      • The Child Development Centre (CDC) team are aware of all children with a sensory or physical impairment.
      • The CDC team will have early discussions with the Adult Disability Team to assess your child's needs moving into adulthood. Again, you will have input into these discussions.
      • It may be that you do not require any support. However, you will have had the opportunity to talk to someone in the Adult Disability Team and you can always access the service at any time in the future if you need to.
    • Planned transfer of care
      • If your child does require ongoing support from the Adult Disability Team the planned transfer of care will be discussed with you, so that you know who to contact at any time.
    • Contact details
      • Contact the Child development service on (01481) 213600 or email
      • Contact the Adult Disability Service on (01481)222000 or email

Children with complex needs

  • Children requiring support from multiple services

    • For children with complex needs requiring support from a number of different services, the planning starts from 14 years old.
    • Transition Forum
      • There is a Transition Forum for service users with complex multi-agency needs. The forum meets every three months so that plans can be made that meet the needs of your child.
      • The forum is made up of representatives from: Education Services, Housing, Social Security, Health, Community and Disability Services.
      • The aim of the forum is to achieve co-ordination between services so that your child has a plan of care for the short and medium term that meets their needs and that all services adhere to.
    • Support plan and care plan
      • The support plan will be shared with your child's lead professional currently involved in their individual care.
      • The care plan will be evaluated every six months and changes made as required.
      • You will be involved at every step and remember, there are no daft questions  - so please ask.


  • General Health

    • Your GP will take over from the paediatrician once your son/ daughter becomes 18, and will oversee all future health needs. Your son / daughter may be eligible for a free annual health check, speak with your GP / benefits office.
  • Additional Health Needs

    • Your son/ daughter may have input from other community health services whilst at school. Where appropriate these services will transfer over to adult care.

Financial support

  • Financial support


Supported living

  • Planning for supported living

    • In some cases it may be possible for your child to live in supported accommodation when they are 18 years old
    • Planning needs to start early so please visit our supported living accommodation section.


  • Work opportunities

    • There are a number of different work opportunities available. Please see our support into work section.
    • Careers Guernsey is an careers service for all ages providing free, impartial careers information, advice and guidance. Call (01481) 226565.